EAN code8595568921192
Customs code39173300
Weight0.75 kg/m
Colourlight grey
Halogen free materialyes
Self-extinguishing30 sec.
Temperature resistancepackage: -45 - +60 °C; assembly: -5 - +60 °C
Mechanical resistance450 N/20 cm
Outside diameter110 mm
Inner diameter94 mm
Allowancelength ± 0,5 m
Minimum bending radius400 mm
Manufactures´s recommendations
The producer recommends the installation of plastic pipes at temperatures above 0 ° C.
Fire reaction classA1 - F
Protection typesIP 40
StandardsFire spread test according to ČSN EN 61386-1.
In stockon order, delivery time 3 weeks, min. 1000 m

Flexible double-coated self-snuffing pipe designed for mechanical protection of all kinds of power and data wiring.