EAN code8595568930958
Customs code39173300
Weight0,22 kg/m
Halogen free materialyes
Temperature resistancestorage: -45 - +60 °C; montage: -5 - +60 °C
Mechanical resistance450 N/20 cm
Dimension95 x 35 cm
Outside diameter63 mm
Inner diameter52 mm
Allowancelength ± 0,5 m
Bending radius350 mm
Manufactures´s recommendations
The producer recommends the installation of plastic pipes at temperatures above 0 °C.
Fire reaction classA1
Protection typesIP40
ČSN EN 61386-24. Pressure test according to ISO 5167-1.
In stockstandard

Antistatic and antibacterial halogen-free flexible doublecoat protector. Both ends are blinded by a closing plug. The product may have common surface mechanical damage (crumpling, scratches, deformations of the ribs) to the outer wall of the pipe caused by production or transport technology, which does not affect the functionality of the product.

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