KOPOS KOLIN a.s. (KOPOS KOLIN Plc) currently produces more than 5,000 items. Our products include wiring boxes, trunkings, parapet trunkings, pipes, double wall protector conduits (business mark KOPOFLEX® and KOPODUR® system), divided cable duct KOPOHALF®, and cable management systems. The company also produces environment-friendly products, for example plastic products from halogen-free and lead-free materials. Respecting the increasing demand for building safety we developed the systems with maintained functionality in fire. The first fire resistance test was conducted in 2009. The company also uses the technology for the production of shading blocks NEUTROSTOP, the product able to protect the environment from neutron radiation.

The Czech and worldwide increasing market demands motivate us to expand our business to the other countries. KOPOS products are now produced in two locations, in Kolin and Zhitomir Region in Ukraine. The company also develops foreign business activities and consolidates its market position in other parts of the world such as Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Denmark, France, Benelux, the United Kingdom, Sweden, Norway or the United Arab Emirates.

KOPOS KOLIN a.s. employs more than 400 people, and other 150 in 9 subsidiaries. We recognize the fact that the employees of the company are the key to the success of the KOPOS brand. Generations of our employees work in various functional areas of our company.

The company has obtained ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 50001 certificates and the “Czech Quality” and “Safe Company” national certificates.

The modern technology enables continuous product development, and has allowed KOPOS KOLIN a.s. to become a leader in the development of wiring material.

Havlíčkova 432, Kolín IV
280 02 Kolín
Czech Republic

IČ: 616 72 971
DIČ: CZ61672971

The company is registered in Prague municipial court’s trade register, section B, item 3689.

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