Visit of Sonepar in Kopos
Sonepar's representatives and also our colleagues from Hungary visited Kopos company on 19th October. After visiting Kolín and the local museum we met...
Athletes owned the water, children and visitors were pleased with small gifts
The weekend sports event of the Czech Republic Athletic championship in Kolin was a very friendly...
Our colleagues brought the cup for the 2nd place
The traditional football tournament, which took place on May 24 in South Moravia in Velké Bílovice, was a success for KOPOS. At...
Students competed at KOPOS CUP 2018 for the best electrician
Traditional Electricity Competition KOPOS CUP 2018 is organized by the Integrated High School of Technical and...
Parapet trunking – hollow PK 130X65 D
Another parapet trunking from the new 65 mm depth range is 130 mm wide. The parapet trunking has all the features of the series and has 80...
Parapet trunking – hollow PK 110X65 D
The new line of parapet trunking is based on customer requirements. It has a depth of 65 mm and a width of 80 mm, which is snap on with...
PP 80/45/6_LB - KOPOBOX instrument washer
   1 piece of instrument washer is designed for installation of 6 pcs of modular devices 45x45 mm. To the floor the...
MDZ XL 300_KB - Mounting desk into thermal insulation
   The thermal insulation desk has a four times larger area than the conventional MDZ_KB mounting desk. This...
Embedded thumbnail for Installation instruction wiring box KSK IP 66 protection
Installation instruction wiring box KSK IP 66 protection
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Wiring pipes and accessories
Embedded thumbnail for Installation instruction wiring box into concrete KBT
Installation instruction wiring box into concrete KBT
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Fixing material

KOPOS KOLIN a.s. is a leading producer of wiring material over
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The modern technology enables contionous product development, and has allowed KOPOS KOLIN a.s. to become a leader in the development of wiring material.

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