We will probably never win the battle against corrosion, but we can slow it down considerably. That is why we have included a new surface treatment in our product range, which, despite its thinner protective layer, can fully replace products subsequently hot dipped galvanized. The exceptionality of this surface treatment lies in its chemical composition, where zinc is supplemented with a specific amount of aluminium and mainly magnesium. The protective layer is already applied to the material during sheet metal production, so the products are made from material with a protective layer and it is not necessary to provide them with subsequent surface protection. This has a big impact on both, the price of the product and the reduction of emissions by limiting the logistics with the products.

Main advantages of ZM surface protection:

  • Excellent protection against corrosion - verified in laboratory and practical conditions
  • Self-healing ability to protect cutting edges
  • Better scratch resistance
  • More environmentally friendly
  • Mainly used outdoors => fully replaces or complements hot dip galvanized products
  • Ideal and proven material for distribution systems for photovoltaic power plants

Smart surface protection for cable management systems