EAN code8595568925879
Customs code85363030
Weight0.04 kg/pcs
Leadless materialyes
Self-extinguishing30 sec.
Rated voltage<= 400 V
Rated current<= 16 A
Temperature resistance-5 - 60 °C
Flaming loop test850 °C
Diameter73 mm
Depth70 mm
Milled (drilled) hole diameter73,5 mm
Manufactures´s recommendations
For all range of products in hollow walls, we recommend using the milling sets supplied by us.
Fire reaction classA1 - F
Spacing when joining 2 boxes71
Possibility to connect 2 boxes in a seriesyes
StandardsČSN EN 60 670-1
Package description
packed 10 pcs in a shrink foil, package straighten in cardboard

Inlet openings made of flexible material. The cable or tube installation is performed by extracting the pre-pressed inlet to the flexible membranes and then inserting the required item into the opening. Installation box in the hole is made by tightening mounting screws. Air proofed even with inserted cable or pipe. Suitable for low energy and passive houses. The fixing screws as well as the instrument screws are double-threaded for quick installation; the box has plastic flanges. The connecting pieces for the assembly of boxes with pitch 71 mm are part of the set; during assembly it is necessary to remove the pre-marked part of the box edge. When mounting, it is not necessary to countersink the plasterboard edge. Minimum unit for sale - 8 pcs. When using the V 68 cap the IP 30 is reached.