EAN code8595057667280
Customs code39173100
Weight0,31 kg/m
Halogen free materialyes
UV Stableyes
Self-extinguishing30 s
Temperature resistance
stable mounting: -40 to + 120 ° C; flexible mounting: -5 to +120 ° C
Mechanical resistance320 N/5cm
Outside diameter79,3 mm
Inner diameter (min.)67,3 mm
Allowancelength ± 1 %
Manufactures´s recommendations
The producer recommends the installation of plastic pipes at temperatures above 0 ° C.
Noteelectrial properties - undeclared
Fire reaction classA1 - F
Sorting code242440
StandardsČSN EN 61386-1 ed.2

Flexible UV stable halogenless self-extinguishing pipe made from PA 6. Halogen-free pipes are used on premises where the safety of people and property is primary, e.g.: public buildings, hospitals, schools, theatres, airport halls, shopping centres, etc.

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