EAN code8595057612426
Customs code39259020
Weight0,0780 kg/m
Leadless materialyes
Self-extinguishing30 s
Temperature resistance-5 - 60 °C
Flaming loop test850 °C
Impact resistance1 J
Width15,5 mm
Height13 mm
Length2 m
Inside area140 mm2
The trunkings are available in lengths with a tolerance of ± 0.5% at 20 ° C.
Area with explosion danger
Electro-installation trunking (insertive, rectangular, halogen-free) and parapet canals with accesories can be installed in zones with explosion hazard of flammable gases (zone 2) and with the risk of explosion of flammable dusts (zone 22), installation must comply with EN 60079-14.
Fire reaction class of underlying materialA1 - F
Protection typesIP 30
StandardsČSN EN 50 085-1
Package descriptionpackage - cardboard

One side of the rounded lid is a part of the trunking body, the second side of the lid can be simply snapped on, it is fitted with double lock increasing the trunking´s rigidity and ensuring stronger cover fixation.

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