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Data sheet
EAN code8595568940155
Customs code73269098
Weight0,0430 kg/pcs
Surface finishPre-Galvanized
Funcionality in fireP90-R, E90, PS90
StandardsČSN EN 61537
Fire resistance standardsČSN 73 0895, DIN 4102-12, STN 92 0205
Max. load for fire resistance5 - 10 kg

The hanger can be used for the fastening of the wire tray to a wall or for hanging from the ceiling together with a threaded rod Ø 8 mm. The hanging by means of 2 threaded bars from the ceiling is intended for the trays of the side height of 60 and 110 mm and of the width of max. 200 mm. The fixation to the wall there is possible just for trays of DZ 60X60 and DZ 60X100. The hinge is attached using KPO 6 anchors (2 pcs).

Note for system with maintained functionality in fire:
You find more information in the catalogue Systems with maintained functionality in fire.

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