• quick installation system
  • integrated coupling on the each tray
  • fixed connection
  • meets the conductive bonding
  • no price increase
  • no additional connecting accessories
  • only insertion end of the tray at the ready coupling the other end of the tray


item numberkonf.wire diameter (mm)weight
coupling piece in the bottom 
   DZI 60X60BZNCR4,00,540
   DZI 60X100BZNCR4,00,790
   DZI 60X150BZNCR4,00,840
   DZI 60X200BZNCR4,01,090
   DZI 60X300BZNCR4,31,601
   DZI 60X400BZNCR4,71,941
   DZI 60X500BZNCR4,72,722
   DZI 60X600BZNCR4,73,132
   DZI 110X200BZNCR4,31,590
   DZI 110X300BZNCR4,31,931
   DZI 110X400BZNCR4,72,711

product description:

There are couplings at one end of the wire cable tray - to the width of 200 mm the couplings are situated on the sideways; from the width 300 mm there are couplings on the sideways and also at the bottom of the tray.

lenght: 3000 mm
screen: 50 x 100 mm (not valid for DZI 60X60)
temperature resistant: -50 až +150 °C
impact strength: to 20 J
configuration: BZNCR - bichromatic galvanised
min. sales amount: 3000 mm
storage: ČSN EN 60721-3-1