It pays back to listen to our clients during a development, we are going further. That's why we expanded our range of thermal insulation systems to new products. They are MDZ 300_KB, MDZ XL 300_KB, KEZ 300_KB with an extended installation tube and long internal and external insulation suitable for installation of electrical equipment in insulated facades of buildings. New products can be safely installed up to a bigger insulation thickness than usual, up to 300 mm.

The customer may also be satisfied with the enclosed accessories. KEZ 300_KB products are supplied with anchors, internal insulation, mounting screws for the wall, screws for mounting the box to the carrier and screws for installation of the instruments. If one of the facades has a rough surface, it is recommended to apply a silicone to the instrument. The enclosed installation instructions will be found by all those in the pack. For this product and the same accessories in the package, we went "hand in hand" to create a 120 x 120 mm insulating desk called MDZ 300_KB.


Four times larger area than the existing mounting desk offers the new MDZ XL product. This 240 x 240 mm desk is now 300 mm thick and we call it MDZ XL_KB. The mounting desk has an integrated box suitable for clamping and can also be used as a standard box under the switch or socket. It is used to install, for example, outdoor lights, motion sensors or 400 V sockets. It is not suitable for installation of satellite and other large-area components. All thermal insulation products are resistant to temperatures ranging from - 25 °C to 60 °C.

Another new feature on the market we introduced this year is the expanded version of the floor box frame KOPOBOX instrument washer PP 80/45/6_LB flooring installation. The advantage of the product is the possibility of installing 12 modular devices for power and data applications. The KOPOBOX 80 installing 2 pieces of instrument washers. These are then securely fastened by screws and separated by the partitions that are included in the package. They help to separate electrical circuits and install them by inserting them into the separating partitions. The washer is also suitable for installing QUADRO modular devices, or devices of the same design, eg ABB, PEHA, Legrand, OBO Bettermann, Schneider Electric Altira.


Another necessary part, and also an innovation, to help the installers in practice, is the universal connecting piece to the KUL 68-45 / LD and KPRL 68-70 / LD boxes. In the catalog, we have marked the accessories under the SKLD 2_NB branding. The coupling allows subsequent assembly of the devices in the combined frames and the immediate packing of the boxes when there are no specialized multiple boxes in place during the installation or we need to combine differently deep boxes. This little piece is also handy for other purposes. It used as a pitch gauge and cable gauge.

New products have been on sale since April.

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