Every era, even successful, is literately heading from the very start to its inevitable end, so a new era can begin. The series of parapet channels PK with height of 70 mm - marked x70 D - is no different. The end of this year 2022 will be also the end of the production of these popular channels. Even support will end after stock will be sold out.

Although someone may be sad, like we are in KOPOS, it is time to let these channels rest in well-deserved peace and free the space for the new and fresh successors - parapet channels with height of 65mm - therefore marked x65 D. These channels were introduced to market during recent years, so You may already know the following.

Specifically it is about these dimensions and their replacement:

New parapet channels VS original parapet channels by KOPOS

The new series has taken over the properties that were proven by time - for example: hollow walls ensuring exceptional rigidity while still being lightweight, unified design of accessories and rails for snap-in box KP PK and partition walls.
Thanks to all of Your feedback we could design the channel so it fits the needs of electricians and installers, meaning:

  • Channel has big covers of connection and corners, so it is not necessary to cut the channel at the accurate angle, but it is possible to just put it together by touching any side and the big cover will hide everything nicely. We decreased the need for accurate cutting and thus making the installation faster.

Comparison of new and original cover by KOPOS

  • All of the channels in the new series are suitable for the same snap-on box KP 80 PK, which is snapped-on instead of the lid and does not require any more accessories for installation of the device. The box is suitable for the mutiple-frame device installation due to its interconnection. There are securing mechanisms within the holes in removable walls, which are securing the cable for unintended pulling-out. So there is less accessories needed for installation of the device, less products to keep in mind while designing routes and ordering after.

2x KP 80 PK box for parapet channels by KOPOS

  • Clean design - channel design is clean, in which there are no protrusions or intrusions. Therefore it is possible to aesthetically and effectively use whole front side. New design does not have any fold or wrinkle, so there is no place where dust can settle to, thus not lowering aesthetical value over time.

Surface of new parapet channels by KOPOS

Design also follows new design of PK 90X55 D, in which the transition between channel and its lid is almost invisible.

The two smaller channels PK 110X65 D and PK 130X65 D are symmetrical single-chamber channels with lid of wide of 80 mm and are designed for installation of classic devices - with fixing screws axis span of 60 mm. Asymmetrical channel PK 170X65 D is produced double-chambered, while chambers differ in mountable device. Bigger chamber is covered with 80 mm wide lid and allows mounting of classic devices via instrument boxes KP 80 PK. Smaller chamber is covered with 45 mm lid suitable for mounting modular devices of 45x45 mm, eventually 45x22,5 mm. Perforating of partition wall between chambers during productions allows easy transition of cables between chambers.

We believe that You will find the new series as popular as the original one.


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