KU 68-45_KA

The KOPOS KOLÍN a.s. company constantly improves the useful product features. Even small changes and details help end-users to simplify their work. An example is the new KU 68-45_KA boxes, which bring several improvements. The most important thing is the innovative shape of the boxes, which makes their connection very simple and very strong. The use of these boxes separately or in connection under the combined frames is therefore easy and accurate without limiting the number of connected boxes. The connection also allows them to be connected more easily without the risk of plaster leaking into this space. A huge advantage of the innovative shape is the large interior space of the boxes. Another benefit is the three screw holes for attaching the device with the new two-way screws. Also, breaking out individual penetrations is designed to be easier for the user without the risk of damaging the boxes themselves. The new box replaces the years well-known and proven KU 68-1901 box and raises the standard of universal instrument boxes on higher level with the mentioned advantages. A number of these advantages are so innovative that they are protected by a European industrial and utility pattern. However, even the new box is based on the traditions we honor, so it retains the elements that our customers are used to. These include quality workmanship, self-extinguishing material, a center post for concealed lid mounting when used as a junction box, plastic anchorage against pulling out of the plaster bed and a price that doesn't change!

KU 68-45_KA KPR 68-70_KA

KPR 68-70_KA

The new box KU 68-45_KA is not the only novelty in the basic product portfolio of under parget wiring boxes. Another novelty is the deep instrument box KPR 68-70_KA, which also has an innovative shape and therefore has the same advantages as the mentioned KU 68-45_KA. However, its depth is a full 70 mm, which enables the use of devices that require even more space. Clamping under the devices is also more convenient. Both of these novelties can be combined with each other to create a set exactly according to the needs of the future electrical installation.