Vision: To be world leading producer of electric installation material

Motto: We want to enhance your success with our products

Long-term priorities of the company

  • to become world leading producer of electric installation material and cable protectors
  • quality of all of our products
  • customer – the most important person in our company (company managed by customer)
  • employee of the company (as person determining successfulness of the company)

Values of KOPOS KOLÍN a.s.:

Innovation of products
We rank among companies that determine the direction of development of electric installation storage materials and cable protectors, we also possess creativity, desire for learning new things, searching for new ways of development that lead to increase of value our work and competitiveness.
Independence of departments and team work
Freedom in decision-making is our commitment to use powers and accessible information to permanent improvement of processes and value of our products; we support each other and our results are reflection of the best in us, therefore we are successful.
Flexible reactions to market trends and fast implementation of new products and innovations represent our power to be always among leading companies, we change market threats into opportunities and thoughts into particular values.
Joy, reliance and integrity
Good mood and good relationships are the foundation for good working results, honesty and reliability are means on which we built trust and loyalty of our employees. For them, ethic values are natural guideline in every-day decision-making which makes us not only important but also positive member of the society.
Courtesy and helpfulness
By its activities, our company proves that it is not indifferent to social publics needs. It makes such decisions that are in compliance with legal standards and ecologic requirements to preserve life and nature on planet Earth.
We carry out processes and activities in such way that we can prevent any damage of property or health of employees. Employees are duly informed about activities that they shall carry out. Thus, we eliminate threat of emergencies and “almost-accidents”.

Management of the company is conscious of its responsibility concerning quality and safety of products, protection of environment, work safety and health protection during work. Management decided to constantly improve QMS, EMS, and HSM systems.

All employees of corporation and employees working for KOPOS KOLÍN a.s. shall be informed about content of “KOPOS KOLÍN a.s. Policy” and intentions concerning QMS, EMS, and HSM. This policy is freely available at the front-desk and website, and intranet (for employees), as well.

Management demands full respect and fulfillment of above mentioned principles from all its employees and external employees.

Management commits itself to ensure necessary sources for QMS, EMS, and HSM (financial, material, and personal).

Kolín, 16th December 2011

                                                                                                                                                                                        Ing. Josef Vavrouch
                                                                                                                                                                                        Chairman and CEO

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