KOPOS-OIL, s.r.o.

KOPOS-OIL, s.r.o., Havlíčkova 432, 280 94 Kolín IV, Czech Republic

ID data mailboxes: rh2ggjh

VAT ID: 251 47 714

The company is registered in Prague municipial court’s trade register, section C, item 53588.

Registration nr. of the tax warehouse CZ0402082S001
Registration nr. of the tax warehouse operator CZ0002082S000
Registration nr. of fuel distributor CZ1102082Q001

Bank account:
Komerz Bank, Plc., subsidiary Kolín, Kutnohorská street, nr. 273, 280 02 Kolín

CZK 19-7146790297/0100
USD - IBAN CZ9101000001078728400257
EUR - IBAN CZ8501000001075241630217

Ing. Josef Vavrouch – company director
Phone nr.: +420 321 730 130
Mobile phone nr.: +420 602 337 731
Email: josef.vavrouch@kopos.cz

Contact dispatcher:
Phone nr.: +420 321 730 168, fax: +420 321 730 868

Mobile phone nr.: +420 607 592 885 – Mr. Jaroslav Krejčí
Mobile phone nr.: +420 731 190 291 – Mrs. Jana Kroumanová
Mobile phone nr.: +420 721 547 073 – Mr. Milan Dostál
Mobile phone nr.: +420 733 378 249 – Mr. Petr Brodský
e-mail: jana.kroumanova@kopos.cz

Tariff station 534 149 Kolín
Railway 520 429 KOPOS KOLÍN a.s.
Railway siding 1032

Company introduction

Company KOPOS-OIL, Ltd i sone of 12 subsidiary companies and is part of KOPOS HOLDING, Plc. It was established by KOPOS KOLÍN, Plc (www.kopos.com) on 30th July 1997 with the seat in KOPOS KOLÍN Plc. The main aktivity is production and wholesale with petrol products.

Company KOPOS-OIL, Ltd. started to produce on 1st February 1998. Since 2014 it has had status of a tax warehouse. Liability for operation of tax warehouse for consumption tax is 165.000.000 CZK (6.110.000 EUR).

Current storage capacity of the tax warehouse (2.200.000 liters) allows to buy 2 train sets of diesel fuel a week. Sales of this goods to free tax circulation is from 500.000 to 1.400.000 liters a day.

Suppliers of diesel fuel according to European standard EN 590 + A1 are rafineries of European Union, Company BP Europa SE Hamburg, Company Slovnaft, a. s. Bratislava and Company Unipetrol RPA, s. r. o. Praha.

The main customers are wholesale companies trading with fuel and petrol stations in Czech Republic. Monthly sales are between 10 and 18 million litres of the oil.

It is possible to import and export all petroleum products by automobile or railway tanks. Company KOPOS KOLÍN Plc is the owner of railway siding in length of 2 kilometers.

For any manipulation with petroleum products is terminal equipped by latest equipment for measurement, bottling and filling.

Bottling of train set is made by three bottling terminals. The train with volume about 2.1 million liters of diesel fuel is bottled to storage tank in 12 - 15 hours.

The bottling of tankers is provided by two tanking terminals in amount 160.000 liters per hour ( 4 tankers).
Every purchases actually come from rafineries from countries of EU – CR.

Certification of the company

The company KOPOS-OIL, Ltd is certified by Certificate of quality ISO 9001, ISO 14001 environment management, EU-ISCC certificate and certificate of exceptionality. They are attached in business plan.

All products are certified in company SGS Czech Republic, s. r. o. Praha. Each shipment of diesel fuel is pre-market quality certified according to European standard EN 590 + A1.

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