The history of KOPOS Kolín a.s. represents continuation of the development of electrical engineering which dates back to the beginning of the twentieth century. The grounds of the present form of the company arose as follows:

1926 - the joint stock company of the Bratislava cabling plants purchased the facility under construction situated at the Kolín suburb from a firm dealing with candies production.
1927 - the facility was completed at the beginning of the year and the company started to produce slip and screwed electro-installation conduits, including boxes and other accessories. The company achieved excellent results in the hard competition before the Second World War and had virtually a monopoly position in this product range.
1939 - the Bratislava-based "Továreň na káble" sold the Kolín conduit plant to ISOLIT, a firm from Jablonné nad Orlicí.
1946 - after nationalisation, the plant was incorporated into Kablo Bratislava, a state-owned enterprise.
1949 - at the end of the year, the state-owned enterprise Kablo Bratislava was divided into several enterprises. After division, the Kolín conduit plant became the basic plant of the state-owned enterprise Elektroisola with branch plants in Hloubětín, Tábor, Pardubice and Jablonné nad Orlicí. At that time, the wiring and cable system installation material was manufactured only in Kolín and partly in Hloubětín. Besides the wiring and cable system installation material, the enterprise ensured production of mica insulators in Pardubice and Tábor plants, production of static capacitors in the Hloubětín plant, production of capacitors and mouldings from thermo-sets in the Jablonné nad Orlicí plant.
1951 - the plants of Hloubětín, Jablonné nad Orlicí and Electrical Furnaces of Kolín were separated from the existing enterprise and started to form separate enterprises.
1958 - the state-owned enterprise Elektroisola Kolín was dissolved and the plant was incorporated into the state-owned enterprise Kablo Kladno. The product range does not undergo any significant change at that time.
1962 - from that year the technical development of the plant starts to deal with possibilities of plastic material processing technologies in connection with applications of wiring and cable system installation materials. New products made of plastic materials, bars, flexible conduits, boxes gradually replace the existing production of metal slip conduits and boxes. Besides the higher useful value, the plastic products enabled fast increase in work productivity and they also contributed substantially to improvement of the plant environment.
1969 - the company launched production of enamelled and braided Cu wires. This production was terminated in the year 1997.
1985 - the state-owned enterprise Kablo Kladno was incorporated into the holding structure of ZSE Praha.
1990 - the Kolín plant separated from the above mentioned holding structure, and the state-owned enterprise Kablo Kolín is established.
1994 - the state-owned enterprise is privatised on May 1, 1994 as a limited liability company bearing the commercial name “Kopos Kablo Kolín s.r.o.”
1996 - the joint stock company KOPOS KOLÍN a.s. is established on January 1, 1996
          - the company launched operation of its own mixing plant
1997 - foundation of subsidiary in Ukraine KOPOS ELEKTRO UA
1998 - foundation of subsidiary in Belorussia IP KOPOS ELEKTRO
1999 - foundation of subsidiary in Poland KOPOS ELEKTRO PL Sp.z.o.o.
2000 - foundation of subsidiary in Slovakia KOPOS SLOVAKIA s.r.o.
          - foundation of subsidiary in Russia KOPOS ELEKTRO o.o.o.
          - foundation of subsidiary in Romania KOPOS ELECTRO S.R.L.
2002 - Foundation of subsidiary in Hungary KOPOS ELEKTRO Kft.
          - foundation of subsidiary in Smolensk KOPOS ELEKTRO Smolensk
2004 - Start of modernizing more than half of the company
          - foundation of subsidiary in Slovakia KOVOFIN
          - foundation of subsidiary in United Arab Emirates KOPOS ELECTRO FZE
2005 - Finished modernizing of administrative-production hall. Start of production of parapet culverts with hollow wall.
2006 - KOPOS KOLÍN corp. celebrates the 80th anniversary of the company foundation.
2007 - foundation of subsidiary in Germany KOPOS ELEKTRO GmbH. Start of production of Metal cable trays - "MARS".
2008 - foundation of subsidiary in Republic of Croatia KOPOS ELEKTRO d.o.o.
          - foundation of subsidiary in Ethiopian Federal Democratic Republic KOPOS ELECTRO PLC           - merger of the subsidiary KOVOFIN ELEKTRO, s.r.o and KOPOS Slovakia s.r.o
2010 - foundation of a subsidiary in the Dominican Republic KOPOS Elektro RD, S.R.L.
2011 - 2012 - opening a new production hall in Ukraine
          - extension of KOPOS KOLIN a.s. and the construction of new storage areas
2012 - end of production in Šardice and its transfer to Kolin
2015 - movement of all subsidiaries under KOPOS HOLDING as part of the reorganization

     There is more ecology now in the production of plastics - halogen free and unleaded materials are being used.

     KOPOS KOLÍN a.s. is a genuinely private firm, its owner is Ing. Vavrouch’s family whose members form the top management of the firm. At present the main field of activities of the firm is production of wiring and cable system installation material. This is mainly formed by electro-installation bars and channels, rigid and flexible conduits, boxes and attachment materials. The wide product range is divided into five integrated systems according to the purpose of use, environment and mechanical stress. Concerning the processed materials, the largest volume is formed by PVC. At present Kopos manufactures especially various wiring and cable system installation materials.

The product range includes especially the following five systems:

  • Wiring boxes and accessories
  • Wiring trunkings and accessories
  • Wiring pipes and accessories
  • Fixing material
  • Cable supporting systems

     Besides these classical sets, which are used mainly in the field of electrical installations, Kopos Kolín has also production technologies, which are used for the other areas of the market as well. This concerns, for example, production of shielding formed blocks known as NEUTROSTOP which are used on sites where it is necessary to protect the surroundings from neutron radiation, we also produce food-grade and industrial crates, coils for the winding of varnished wires and also a complete range of plastic water main pipes.

    KOPOS Kolín a.s. has a production and technical equipment enabling a fast response to market requirements and continuous developments of new products. The firm has its own development and construction base, proprietary tool shop and prototype centre designed for development, preparation and verification of new products. During the recent period the company has put into operation a new PVC mixing plant which makes it possible to prepare high-quality materials, both in the field of mechanical properties and in the field of stability of colours. The company runs also a new modern line serving for production of single-shell and double-shell protection conduits with the commercial name “Kopoflex” and “Kopodur”. Quite significant amounts are invested every year for renewal and modernisation of the existing production equipment (i.e. especially extruders and injection moulding machines). All these factors guarantee a first-rate quality.

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